Wor(l)d Global Network WGN Helo Review – Read This Before You Join World Global Network

Many network marketers who work from home are always on the lookout for the next HOT MLM Network Marketing opportunity. Once you’ve securely built up your first business, you can then start on your next venture. Some of the best income-earning opportunities are through MLM—multi level marketing. If you’re looking for the next exciting opportunity, you’ll be excited to hear about the World Global Network and their amazing Helo device.


This is a free business opportunity and only requires some of your time per day. The potential for income opportunities is limitless. There are already several people within the community who have earned millions.


Let’s take the time to learn more about World Global Network and their great HELO device. It’s also simple to get started with an affiliate link type of system so you can earn money through sales networking of the HELO Health Monitoring Device.


What Is World Global Network?


World Global Network’s name is officially “Wor(l)d and their motto is that “We connect people’. They have a wide range of technological devices to make your life easier, including the HELO. World Global Network is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. You can look them up: “WRMT”.


World Global Network is taking the world by storm. In only just five years’ time, they have built up an amazing community of 700,000 customers. Yes, note we said community and not just customers. This community sticks together and offers better income potential than simply selling a watch to a customer and having them disappear. With this opportunity, your customers can also become your partners.


World Global Network has been ranked the fastest growing tech company in its sector. They have fifteen different offices throughout the globe to help manage their business.


The company ships out their products, including the Helo, to 195 countries around the globe today. They will soon become the next multi-billionaire company.


The Amazing Success of World Global Network


Mr. Fabio Galdi is the man responsible for setting up this amazing company. He’s been involved in the tech arena since 1994. You may recall his name from the past. He had originally founded the second largest internet provider in Italy. In 2002, he helped invent the first touch screen LCD PC computer. He also developed VoIP solutions for residential usage.


In only five years’ time, Mr. Galdi has taken World Global Network to a $157 million company. They have now released the HELO health tracking device, so potentially, the sky is the limit.


Why Should I Care About the HELO Device?


World Global Network is the first company in the world today to utilize the Toshiba App Lite processor product to create the world’s most advanced health monitoring device in real time. Yes, there are other health monitoring devices out there, but this one offers the most features for the price. It also has some other amazing features that make it more unique than the FitBit or Apple Watch.


The HELO device has some amazing features that take it one step beyond your average FitBit, Apple Watch, or other health tracking devices. This watch can do the following:


  • Measure blood pressure.
  • Measure heart rate.
  • Measure breathing rate.
  • Track your steps.
  • Track calorie intake.
  • Note mood energy.
  • Perform an EKG.


This results in a variety of data being collected together into the HELO app. There is even a remote monitoring function that you can use to monitor your loved ones. They can also monitor your health in return, which can be helpful if you’re a senior with health issues who worries a lot.


Another great benefit of the HELO is that it’s designed with a unique watchband. Inside this band are installed germanium and Himalayan salt crystals. These minerals have been proven to provide many health benefits.


Here are just some of the benefits of this special HELO watch band.


  • Relieves joint pain.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Experience relief from insomnia to get better sleep.
  • Helps your body eradicate toxins from the system.


Unique Helo Safety Function


This HELO device also has a great safety feature on it. There is a panic button located on the side of the watch. When needed, you simply press it twice. This prevents it from being accidentally activated. After you press this button, your device sends an alert to notify your guardians. They will either receive an SMS or an email notification.


This notification will also tell them when you sent the panic message and your last known GPS coordinates which are shown through Google Maps. This can be a lifesaver for your spouse, children, parents, or grandparents.


The Additional Value of Helo


There are many more features packed into the HELO that will make you appreciate it over other types of tracking watches. The HELO utilizes the most advanced technology, making it increase in value over time. The technology will automatically update the watch whenever there are new features.



The updates include both firmware for the device and software updates.


There are also some amazing features planned in the future. You’ll be excited to get the following:


  • Oxygen level monitoring.
  • Non-invasive blood sugar monitoring.
  • Blood alcohol level monitoring to ensure you’re safe to drive.
  • Mosquito repellant technology.


I’m Sold! How Much is a HELO Watch Device?


You must remember that you’re not only purchasing a health tracking device but that you’re also making an investment in health and well-being for you and your loved ones.


Most other devices, such as the FitBit or the Apple Watch—two of the most popular products on the health market today—can only do a quarter of what the HELO can do. These devices cost from $250 to $500.


World Global Network could have charged over $500 and up for their device with all of these amazing features, but didn’t. They have decided to make it affordable. It only costs $199 for one device! That’s it!


They also offer a discount opportunity where you can purchase 4 HELOs—one for every member of your family—and get one for free!


How Can This Business Opportunity Work for Me?


Does the HELO sound amazing? Imagine how you could skip Starbucks for a few weeks and be able to afford one! Now what you’re probably wondering is how World Global Network and HELO fit in with your business plan. They provide this amazing benefit to you, besides a great health tracking device of course.


The plan operates much like your usual affiliate marketing. This is a highly desirable option, as many people choose to not sign up for expensive MLM programs when affiliate marketing is so much better.


The success of World Global Network is due to their amazing network of customers. This company lets their customers spread the word. (Remember the “Word” in their name?) Referrals are perhaps the number one marketing method to spread the word and gain even more customers. The company encourages the spread of the message, and they encourage the sharing of their profits with their customers.

Wait a minute, you’re thinking, it’s a publicly traded company? Doesn’t the board want to squander all the funds? Nope. The company’s focus is to share their profits with their customers through a customer referral program.


This referral program is 100% free to join. You don’t even have to do it if you don’t want to, but remember that referral marketing is the most effective way to grow a business. And, you don’t even have to engineer your own product, all you have to do is sell what’s already been made.




How Does the Helo Network Opportunity Work?


Remember that referral marketing is often the most effective way to grow your business. Referral customers are more than three times likely to buy than some guy who randomly visits your site.


Every person who purchases a HELO becomes a partner. After you receive your HELO, you get a free personalized website. With your weblink, you get to share with others so you get up to 20% of each sale.


If you share your link with others, you not only get up to 20% but also a percentage of the sales of your partners who also make referrals too. For example, if you encourage a customer to buy a HELO, you make a $32 commission. That’s pretty awesome, considering if you did Amazon affiliate marketing you might make a couple dollars from selling a coffee maker.


World Global Network pays you commissions on every HELO you sell, and they also pay you when your customers refer other customers. You may have noticed this is how it’s officially a network marketing style of business. You also make commissions from your customers’ sales too!


World Global Network Pays You Ongoing Commissions!


Remember that World will pay you when your customers refer other customers, so that you also make commissions from these sales. This means that the bigger the network of customers you have, the more cash you can make.


Have you heard of the POWER OF 2? This means that if you get two customers, and they refer two customers, who each refer two customers, you can build up a nice nest egg over time. Soon, you could be well on your way to early retirement after twelve months, only with the initial purchase of a Helo and two sales referrals!


How Is This Real?


This is definitely a real opportunity, and one that does not involve any investment other than your initial purchase of the HELO. After that, you utilize the power of social media which enables you to share your link.


Your simple referral marketing will encourage people to buy. The company provides you with 2 and 7-minute videos you share that will do the selling for you. And, you’re not stuck simply selling a product to locals, you can sell worldwide! The HELO is so small and compact, making shipping simple to over 195 countries in the world today!


Remember that people love to buy things that their friends have. It’s a lot like a competition, or perhaps even a special club. You can even add in your personal experiences. You can also share your weblink (always free to host from World) and put it on all your social media accounts.


There have been many documented members earning over a million dollars a year. There is a limitless earning potential here.


Where Do I Sign Up?


Remember to sign up for this income opportunity, it’s always free to join. As far as we know, there are no changes in the future. All you have to do is simply sign-up. Purchasing a World Product is recommended strongly but not required to get started.


If you purchase your product, inside the packaging will be complete information on how to get started with your affiliate links.


Isn’t it great that this is an era for wearable technology, combined with a great earning potential? If you’re sick of Amazon affiliate links with a questionable reporting problem, check out the World Global Network’s Helo affiliate marketing plan today. This company and its leaders are here to help you succeed.


In closing…


The decision should be easy. With this program, you learn the strategies which will help you to gain the tools that you need to sell. You can work as little or as hard as you like. Once you sign up your first two people you then want to help them find two people each. Once you do this you have now unlocked the entire compensation plan! So, take five minutes right now and sign-up! You won’t regret it.


On top of it all, you still benefit from better health and wealth together. We’ll also give you this takeaway:


The HELO does ten times more than the FitBit or Apple Watch does, but will the competition ever send you a check?!

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*Practicality dictates that everyone’s results will vary as we are all unique and different. It takes hard work and dedication to make a substantial income in this business. The average participant in WOR(l)D (in the US and Canada) earns an average of $393 per quarter. This does not account for any business expenses that one might incur while building the business. For the full income disclosure please visit www.worldgn.com

To your Success,

Matt Aubert